Peshwari Naan Bread (version 3) Recipe - Makes 8

Peshwari Naan Bread (version 3) Recipe


1 cup (250ml or 9 fl oz) warm water
1 cup (250ml or 9 fl oz) warm milk
1 teaspoon (5ml) sugar
2 teaspoons (10ml) dry active yeast
3 cups (375g or 13 oz) plain flour
1 teaspoon (5ml) salt
3 tablespoons (45ml) natural unsweetened yoghurt
3 tablespoons (45ml) vegetable oil
8 tablespoons (120ml) very finely chopped mixed nuts
2 tablespoons plain flour, for dusting
Vegetable oil for brushing
8 teaspoons (40ml) poppy seeds


Mix the warm water, warm milk, sugar and yeast in a bowl (make sure that the sugar is dissolved) and set aside for 20 minutes after which there will be froth on the surface because of the yeast (if there is no froth then your yeast may be stale so you will need to replace it and try again)
Sift the flour and salt into a large bowl
Make a hole in the flour, gently pour in the yoghurt and vegetable oil and mix well
Make a soft dough by adding the water/milk/sugar/yeast mix a little at a time (you may not need to add all of the liquid mix but if you do, and the dough is still too hard, add a little more warm water)
Knead the dough for 10 minutes
Cover the bowl with a damp cloth and set aside for 4-6 hours to let the dough rise to double the original amount
Knead the dough again
Cover the dough again and set aside for 4-6 so that it can double in size again
Preheat the grill (broiler in the US), because you are going to cook the naans with a high heat from above, leaving the grill/broiler tray under the heat so that it is not cold when used
Preheat the oven to about 190C (375F) so that the cooked naans can be kept warm
Divide the naan dough into 8 equal pieces and roll each piece into a ball
You are now going to make and cook the peshawri naan breads
Flatten the ball, put 1 tablespoon (15ml) of very finely chooped mixed nuts into the middle, fold the edges of the dough over the top of the nuts until the nuts are well covered and then roll the dough into a ball again
Dust and roll the dough ball into a rectangular shape with a length of about 20cm (8 inches) with one end of the dough being narrower than the other and the overall shape to be like a big tear drop (roll the dough gently so that the naans do not break open)
Repeat the above process so that you have enough naans to fill the grill/broiler tray
Brush the top of the naans with vegetable oil and spinkle 1 teaspoon (5ml) of poppy seeds evenly over the naan surface
Place the tray under the grill/broiler and wait until they puff up (up to 1 minute) and then turn over and cook the second side so that each side will have brown blisters but not too many
Put the cooked naans into the oven to keep warm
Repeat the above processes until all of the naans have been made and cooked
Serve the peshawri naans hot

An alternative to using the grill/broiler is to use an oven that is heated to 225C/430F and cooking in the hottest part of the oven for about 10 minutes, keeping a close watch to make sure that the naans do not burn (you will still get a few brown blisters)

Recipe submitted on 14 June 2012

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