Easy Starter and Snack Recipes

Aloo Chaat Serves 4
Aloo Chat Serves 4
Beef and Potato Burgers (Patties) Makes 16
Bhel Puri Serves 4
Breakfast Khagina (Egg) Curry Serves 2
Broccoli Pakoras Serves 4
Cheese on Toast Serves 4
Chicken Roti Serves 6-8
Chilli Paneer Curry Serves 4
Curried Egg Sandwiches Makes 4 - So Easy
Curried Eggs (version 1) Serves 4 - Easy
Curried Eggs (version 2) Serves 2
Curried Lamb Samosas Makes 12
Easy Spicy Fishcakes Makes 8
Fish Cakes Makes 20
Kumara (Sweet Potato) and Peanut Bhajis Serves 4
Lamb Samosas Makes 12
Malpua Serves 4-6
Mushroom Bhajis Serves 4
Mysore Bonda Makes 12-15
Onion and Potato Pakoras (Pakodas) Makes about 24
Onion Bhajis (version 1) Makes 10-12 Bhajis
Onion Bhajis (version 2) Serves 4
Onion Bhajis (version 3) Serves 4
Onion, Mango and Peanut Chaat Serves 4
Pav Bhaji Serves 4
Poppadoms (version 1) Makes 12
Poppadoms (version 2) Makes 10-12
Potato and Coriander Samosas Makes 24 Samosas
Potato Cakes Serves 2-3
Potato Samosas Makes 8
Prawn Pakoras (Pakodas) Serves 4
Rava Dosa Makes 6-8
Scrambled Eggs with Ginger Serves 4
Seekh Kababs Serves 6-8
Shammi Kabab Serves 4-6
Shammi Kebab Serves 4-6
South African Curried Eggs Serves 6
Spiced Chicken Kebabs Serves 4
Spiced Lamb Kebabs Serves 4
Spicy Chickpea Snack Serves 4 - a great TV or movie snack
Spicy Chickpeas Curry Serves 4-6
Spicy Fish Cakes Makes 20
Spicy Scrambled Eggs Serves 2
Sweet & Spicy Nuts Makes approx 850g (29 oz)
Vada Pav Serves 4
Vegetable Pakoras Serves 4
Vegetable Samosas Makes 16
Vegetarian Samosas Makes 20
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