Easy Fish Curry Recipes

Balti Fish Curry  Serves 4-6
Bengali Mustard Fish Curry Serves 4
Easy Spicy Fishcakes Makes 8
Fish Balti Curry Serves 4-6
Fish Bhuna Curry Serves 4
Fish Cakes Makes 20
Fish Curry Serves 4
Fish Curry With Lemon Grass Serves 4
Monkfish Curry Serves 4
Prawn Bhuna Curry Serves 4
Prawn Curry (version 1) Serves 4-6
Prawn Curry (version 2) Serves 4-6
Prawn Curry with Coconut Milk (Chingri Malai) Serves 4
Prawn Patia Curry (version 1) Serves 2
Prawn Patia Curry (version 2) Serves 4
Shrimp Curry Serves 2
Singapore Fish Head Curry Serves 4-6
Smoked Fish Kedgeree Serves 4
Spicy Fish Cakes Makes 20
Spicy Fish Curry Serves 4-6
Sri Lankan Coconut Tuna Curry Serves 4
Tomato Fish Curry Serves 4
Tuna Jalfrezi Curry Serves 4
Tuna Masala Curry Serves 2
Tuna, Raisin and Apple Curry Serves 4
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