Easy Dessert and Sweet Recipes

Almond and Jaggery Laddu Makes 8 pieces
Almond and Pistachio Barfi Makes 24 pieces
Almond and Pistachio Kulfi Serves 10-12
Almond Fudge (Badaam Barfi) Makes about 1KG (2 lb)
Almond Halwa Serves 4
Badam (Almond) Barfi Makes 24 pieces
Bebinca Simply Delicious
Carrot Halwa Serves 4
Coconut Barfi (version 1) Makes 12 pieces
Coconut Barfi (version 2) Makes 16 pieces
Coconut Creme Caramels Serves 6
Coconut Laddu Makes 20 laddus
Creamy Rice Pudding Serves 4
Deep-Fried Bananas Serves 8
Diwali Coconut Ladoo Makes 12 ladoos
Firni Serves 4
Gulab Jamun Makes 20
Ice Cream (Kulfi) Serves 2-4
Jaggery Caramelised Walnuts Serves 12
Jaggery Fudge Barfi Makes 12 pieces
Jalebi (version 1) Diwali Delight
Jalebi (version 2) Makes about 60 jalebi
Kheer Serves 4
Malai Kulfi Serves 4-6
Malpua Serves 4-6
Microwaved Coconut Barfi Makes 20 pieces
Pineapple Pudding Serves 2
Rava Ladoo Diwali treat
Rice Kheer Serves 4
Sabudana Ladoo Makes 8
Semolina Halwa Serves 4-6
Vanilla Ice Cream Serves 4-6
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